Our no-cost home evaluation

It’s perfectly understandable that you would want to know what your home is worth in today’s constantly changing real estate market. Our AGENT JACK team hears you. If you are considering moving, or selling your existing home, we realize a precise evaluation would make that decision easier. We can help you find out quickly, and provide you with an assessment you can count on. Our team can help, no matter what your needs. And our home evaluation is completely free.

With our confidential, no-cost service, we are keen to serve you any way we can.


We won’t keep you waiting. In less than half an hour, using an estimate app called Teranet, we can access the average sale price of homes sold in your area within the last six months. And those results will be emailed to you immediately.


An AGENT JACK team member will put together a precise evaluation of your property’s value in today’s market within five business hours.

Our home evaluations are meticulously detailed. The summary will look at relevant property sale information, including market conditions, currently listed properties and prices of recent home sales in your area – plus specific information about your home that you provide.

Then that home evaluation will be emailed directly to you.


We’re hands-on. An AGENT JACK team member will provide an in-person market consultation where you will get the most accurate assessment of your home’s value. Our trusted realtors will base their findings on relevant property sale information, including market conditions and current listings.

We’ll roll in any additional information you want to provide, as well. We can look at upgrades, location, and more … all factored in during an on-site appointment.


We want to make your home evaluation experience as seamless as possible. If you’d like, during business hours, we can text you with our findings within 30 minutes. That means no phone calls – if that’s what you’d prefer.


Book a free, no-obligation consultation with an Agent Jack Team representative today.